[Video] CIM & BIM, a smart process at the heart of SOLIDEO’ Strategy

Created in 2017, the Olympic Structures Delivery Company (SOLIDEO) oversees the construction and delivery of Olympic structures and permanent development operations, necessary for the organization of the Paris 2024 Games and which will be left as a legacy to the inhabitants and the territory. Along with environmental excellence, universal accessibility or employment and territorial development, SOLIDEO has made innovation and technology a major ambition in the service of its projects. Witness to this desire, a CIM / BIM approach has notably been put in place. Essential from the design phase of projects to that of their operation, this approach is applied to several emblematic structures, with a view to improving management, guaranteeing cost control and thwarting risky situations. Among the projects concerned, we can mention the construction of the Athletes’ Village and the Media Cluster, the development of the Elancourt hill or the renovation of the Grande Nef of L’Île-des-Vannes. With nearly 1,500 digital models represented on a scale of 65 ha, the digital model of the Athletes’ Village is considered to be the largest in France, if not Europe! With this approach, SOLIDEO demonstrates on a large scale the possibilities offered by new technologies to shape the city of tomorrow: smart and responsible. A real catalyst, CIM / BIM offers a definite paradigm shift for those involved in planning and construction. Yann Krysinski, Director of Operations, Branislav Punisic, DE Architect, CIM & BIM Project Manager and Alexandre Mahfoud, Ph.D Architect, CIM & BIM Manager at SOLIDEO review the outlines of this exceptionally large project which will constitute a real showcase of French know-how, and which is made possible by the implementation of this digital transition approach to construction. This project also won the silver BIM 2022 in the « CIM / LIM / RIM Project » category, awarded by the Monitor and the Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment. SOLIDEO is also BIM Influencer of the Year 2021 (HEXABIM competition) in the “CIM and Infrastructures” category.

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