[Testimonial] A breath of fresh air for the magnificent Lyon Part-Dieu multimodal hub designed and built using BIM

VINCI Construction France, EGIS, SNCF Gares et connexions and their ecosystem create the district of the future in Lyon Part-Dieu

This major urban project designed and built by VINCI Construction, EGIS Bâtiment and the other project managers for SNCF Gares et Connexions and SPL Lyon Part-Dieu will change the appearance and operation of Lyon Part-Dieu station and from its business district. This central place of the economic life of Lyon is in full mutation to meet the expectations of our time.

This exceptional project was made possible thanks to a high-level and controlled BIM process. To ensure coordination between the various project stakeholders, a BIM charter has been established. openBIM and native interoperability allowed not only the fluidity of exchanges, but also the sharing of more than 150 BIM models, and the upstream detection of conflicts that could have appeared during execution. This real digital heritage will be maintained and developed in order to ensure the management, operation and maintenance of the site in future years. Back for us on this adventure of collaboration and BIM, which won a silver BIM in the category of large infrastructure projects. Check out this beautiful testimonial below.

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