Autodesk University 2021 – Vote for the Classes BIM for Heritage, BIM for Risk Management and the History of Revit Utopic City, first mega BIM Utopic City of History!

Dear ABCD Blog Readers,

Applications for Autodesk University 2021 classes are now online. This year, I will present, if these themes are sufficiently attractive and voted on, the following subjects around: BIM for heritage, BIM for risk management, as well as the history of my Utopic City, Revit Utopic City that I have created more than 10 years ago and followed by more than 87,000 people around the world.
If you find these topics interesting, I would appreciate if you could vote for them, simply by clicking on each of the links below and « Like » while logged in.

A big Thanks to you all!

Emmanuel Di Giacomo

BIM For Heritage, a Renaissance and a second never ending life
Learn how BIM & digital technologies can help protect Historical monuments and give them a second life to ensure that future generations will enjoy them.

Revit Utopic City, giving life to Architectural Dreams and creativity
In that class, you’ll discover Revit Utopic City created almost 11 years ago with Revit and you’ll learn how to express all your architectural creativity.

BIM and Digital, prevent and manage risks
During this class, you’ll discover different kind of risks and difficulties in the AEC Industry and you’ll learn how BIM and digital can help manage them.

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