[Testimonial] BIM sets the tone for the renovation of the Frédéric Chopin Music Academy in Paris

A virtuous renovation which transforms a key building for the life of the whole neighborhood

The Frédéric Chopin Music Conservatory in Paris was renovated using BIM in order to respond to the challenges of global warming and the objectives of the City of Paris in terms of limiting the carbon footprint and protecting the environment. The site of the conservatory was landlocked and constrained, surrounded by 15-story buildings. The objective was therefore to restore the building and find an image more in line with the urban needs of our time.

The architects used BIM to better understand the history of the building and they used Autodesk Revit since the competition phase.

The project took into account several aspects such as natural ventilation, the creation of a cool island and the presence of urban agriculture. Above-ground plant containers will be used to bring freshness to the interior of the project site. And in the perspective to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible, materials were recovered on site and reused in the renovation in the spirit of circular economy.

The project was carried out with the commitment and know-how of the WRA + Ithaques + MAARU Architects team. Vladimir Doray, partner architect, Eric de Melo, architect, as well as Antonio Ribeiro, site manager at CBC Services and Magali Guyon from the project management team of the City of Paris reveal to us what happened behind the scenes of this virtuous and exemplary project in the video below.

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