Cro&Co used BIM to create a fabulous entrance of a future train station of the Grand Paris under the CNIT

The CNIT is the building of all superlatives; remarkable and historic work, it needed to be renovated in order to fit in one of the future stations of Grand Paris built by the SNCF. A challenge met with elegance by the CRO & CO, a French Architectural Firm which had already renovated this monument of modern times a few years ago.

Through the testimony of several speakers on this extraordinary project; including that of its creator Jean-Luc Crochon, Architect and founder of the Cro & Co Architectural Studio; discover how BIM has made it possible to avoid site surprises and to ensure the overall consistency between restructuring of the existing – in order to bring in natural light and passenger flows – and the creation of a modern and welcoming station.

See the video below…

More about the story here (French).

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