Interview – Tylko Advisors is helping Building Product Manufacturers to transform their business and move to BIM & digital processes

Digitalization, the future of AEC Industry

This week, we have the pleasure to welcome Enrique Nadales Clavero and Piotr Pyszkowski, the founders of an international PMC company helping especially manufacturers. They will tell us about the challenge to help companies making their digital transformation, including business and organization related topics.

Piotr A. Pyszkowski – CEO & founder

I am an experienced Digital Executive. Board member and expert in transforming services, operations, and IT landscape to increase company competitiveness and enhance operational stability.

I am quickly able to identify key business themes and build teams with the right skillsets to optimize operational performance and provide improved business results. I bring together a thorough understanding of company strategy with the ability to deliver day-to-day operational excellence, and through these, I drive sustainable business-focused change.

Enrique Nadales Clavero – Partner & BIM expert

I am a seasoned trilingual civil engineer specializing in construction design and project management with strong organizational and coordination skills. Currently, I can help Customers to bring BIM into their business by managing their product data to provide a digital and interactive online catalog. Also, I produce educational BIM webinars and BIM content under The BIM Cafe.

I have been working in construction and production environments in several countries, where I sharpened my creativity and innovation abilities, trained my fast-learning skill with minimum supervision, and cultivated research techniques to face daily challenges.

Hi Enrique and Piotr, welcome to ABCD Blog. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Enrique: I am a civil engineer with several years of experience abroad. I’ve always been interested in design, so I learned about BIM by myself in the early moments of my professional career. Working in the construction industry, I realized the need for the use of digital tools and new technologies to change this old industry and make it more productive, and here we are! You can find more details above.

Piotr: I help companies optimize their marketing, sales, and service operations by providing state-of-the-art cloud solutions. By leveraging a combination of deep business acumen and an appreciation of technological capabilities, I deliver exceptional services by leading and coaching highly effective and diverse international teams that deliver measurable service improvements and cost reductions. As mentioned by Enrique, you can find more details above.

What are your backgrounds and when did you both meet?

We both come from the engineering sector, Piotr has a large career in IT and Enrique is a versatile civil engineer.

We met as everyone met nowadays: online. Piotr was looking for some support on a big project for one important customer and we both connected through LinkedIn. After a few minutes in the first meeting, we both saw that our work culture was the same and it was obvious that we would have to collaborate together in the near future!

Why and when did you decide to create Tylko Advisors? What was the rationale behind it? Was it related to a common judgment of how the AEC Industry was working?

In 2020, we started a challenge bringing together experts with extensive experience in managing large projects and teams on a global scale. We believe that our knowledge and expertise will provide solutions to all of our customers’ biggest challenges.

If there is a sector that needs a big change, it’s for sure the AEC industry. We are experts in business development with technology integration and sales strategy, providing services to companies to optimize their operations. Then, the AEC sector is a clear one in our scope.

How did you decide to address these Industry pain points?

Basically, using the latest technologies. We believe that with a more friendly approach to the visual aspects of new technologies, all the users will be beneficiaries, approaching to them BIM in an easier and more attractive way.

Why did you choose this Tylko Advisors name?

Well, Tylko means ‘only’ in Polish, so it was a simple way to say that we are just advisors.

What are the missions of Tylko advisors? And how are you organized?

Our missions are mainly:

  • Analysis of the outsourcing market to identify potential target customers for business development in individual industry sectors. Optimization of operating costs of IT and sales structures. Deployment of digital transformation of the business.
  • IT strategy. Analysis of the effectiveness of technological solutions in connection with the company’s business goals. Determining the technological path and investment priorities. Process transformation using digital technologies.
  • Creating effective operational processes for companies with local and international activity, adjusting operational capabilities to market needs. Streamlining the supply chain, and evaluation of sales team effectiveness.

Who are your target customers?

Every member of the AEC Industry. We are mainly focused on the manufacturers as they are at the start of the production phase, so if BIM is coming from them, more people will use it afterwards.

How many Consultants do you have and what are their skills and missions?

We are a wide team of a dozen of people from different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and skills. But one thing we have in common is the will to change the world and the passion for the work we do.

Why did you decide to target Product Manufacturers? Why do you think they’re so important in BIM adoption worldwide?

As we mentioned, they are the muscle of the construction industry; economically and in volume.

They are the engine for most of the buildings and the key to pushing BIM for the rest of the projects, so if BIM comes from them, many other actors will keep using it as it is somehow ‘mandated’ or applied since the beginning of the stages.

Do you already have any good testimonials you could share with us?

Sure, we have implemented different services at some manufacturers in Europe and we always get satisfactory results at the end, as we work on a win-win basis, i.e., if our customer does not get benefits from our work, we won’t be satisfied either.

The digital transformation in manufacturers is not a job to be done in a quarter or half a year, it requires time and a huge work of constant education internally, but when it works, it leaves a mark.

On another topic, you started a series of interesting podcasts called “The BIM Café”. What is the rationale behind it?

The idea of ‘The BIM Cafe’ is to share our BIM knowledge and build a community that can learn and collaborate with us on BIM implementation and uses across the AEC sector. 

If you visit our channel and listen to our episodes you will see that we focus on a more practical approach than the conventional definition and formalities you see around. We want to make BIM easy and useful for everyone, leaving the technical part for the technical people and providing to the end user with a pleasant experience with the methodology.

We are streaming new videos every Friday at 10:00 CET on our LinkedIn page and YouTube channel. Our motto is ‘To BIM or not to BIM’, and we say let’s BIM.

What have you also learned from this experience?

So many things. We meet super interesting people every week and it is really interesting to learn from each of them: their experiences, views, and anecdotes… it makes us feel that we are not alone in this wave of change in the AEC sector.

What are your plans and strategies for the future of Tylko Advisors?

Grow, grow, and grow! We want to keep doing the same as we do because it makes us happy. Our work ethic is to be free and responsible, being able to combine our personal and professional lives so we are constantly seeking enthusiastic people like us with an open mentality to grow and take on more projects.

Is there anything special you’d like to tell our readers?

Just to remind everyone to come over to our BIM Café. We are focused on developing BIM implementation in companies and we run weekly webinars on LinkedIn and YouTube called The BIM Cafe, every Friday live at 10:00 CET to create awareness and spread BIM knowledge. So we invite all our readers to join us and participate. We run interviews in English, Spanish and French.

Enrique and Piotr, thanks a lot for your time. We wish you lots of success in the future!

Thanks so much, Emmanuel, a pleasure to be here and we hope it was an interesting time for you as well!

Indeed, it was Enrique and Piotr 🙂

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