[openBIM] New version of the IFC Open Source engine of Revit available for download!

Autodesk, deeply involved in openBIM and with the IFC standard, brings regular updates to its software solutions. The most recent one is minor but interesting. It can be downloaded here.


  • This is a minor update to release and one improvement that adds basic support to export Area object as IfcSpatialZone
  • This update brings all versions (,, and to be mostly identical (except for features related to specific Revit version)


  • Fixed error during export for a specific object that became invalid in the export process with « Store the IFC GUID in an element after export » option
  • User defined property set can now be exported for IfcGeographiCElement
  • Fixed export failure when ZoneClassificationName is set to Room for exporting IfcZone
  • Corrected GrossVolume quantity information with the correct unit

This update can be downloaded here.

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