SPIE, independent European Leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications presents its 2019 Integrated Annual Report

Discover the 2019 integrated annual report of SPIE, an independent European leader in multi-technical services, in the fields of energy and communications.

This Great Company aims to be at the forefront of all the changes that are reshaping our living environments and transforming them into progress for women and men, the economy and our civil society. The new challenges we’re facing with environment, energy, as well as a new digital world, more collaboration, responsibility and more shared uses are all more challenges that SPIE will be keen to take up. In particular, SPIE invests a lot in BIM and collaborates closely with Autodesk.

Designed with the participation of an ad hoc internal committee, representative of the main functions of the Group, as well as Experts from all over Europe, despite the context of global confinement, this fascinating report highlights the improvement processes necessary to transform our society and our planet and our built environment.

It’s also a symbolic year for SPIE which celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2020. Since its creation in 1900 for the electrification of the Paris metro, SPIE has participated in the many revolutions of transport, energy and communications. Their 47,200 employees have been preparing for the future for 120 years and providing their customers with innovative solutions every day that fully meet the new expectations of users and contribute to a more responsible economy and lifestyles.

As SPIE recalls in its report: « This approach to progress is that of a company which, at the heart of these environmental and societal challenges, wants to better integrate the needs of its stakeholders into its strategic thinking to give more sense of its action. Better measure its contribution to make it more useful to all. « 

Divided into 3 main parts on the long term vision, the strategy and finally the creation of values, you will be able to discover the financial results of the company, in-depth articles on the cities of tomorrow, digital, etc.

Autodesk and its representative for BIM ecosystems for Europe, Emmanuel Di Giacomo, were fortunate and honored to be interviewed in this SPIE 2019 annual report. You can read this article on page 20 here.

We hope you will enjoy reading this annual report by clicking here directly.

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