Autodesk commited to buildingSMART’s openBIM, new version of IFC for Revit available for download

Showing his commitment to buildingSMART’s openBIM and IFC standard, Autodesk has just released a new version of the IFC open source engine for Revit!


Autodesk has posted updates to IFC for Revit 2016 and IFC for Revit 2017, which you can get to using the links below:

IFC for Revit 2016 (v16.5):

IFC for Revit 2017 (v17.2):

Updates from the previous version are listed below.  Please upgrade to the newest version!


1. IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 – 2015 will no longer be getting regular updates.

2. IFC for Revit 2016 and 2017 includes export, import and the export UI.  There is no need for separate installs of each.

3. This update will work for both Revit and Revit LT.

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What’s new for IFC for Revit 2016 v16.5.0 and IFC for Revit 2017 v17.2.0:


– Finished French localization.

New Export Functionality:

– Use "Reference Level" as the base level of the element when exporting certain MEP components.

– Support export of mass density units.

Export Bug Fixes:

– Export rooms and areas even if they have improperly closed internal boundaries.  Note that the IfcSpace created may then be missing expected interior holes.

– Fix error when exporting some 0 height walls when they have associated parts.

– Only associate a door or window with one opening, even if the door or window is inserted into multiple walls, as per the IFC standard.

New Import Functionality:

– Add an API option that allows for always reading in bounding box information, even if the entity has a Body representation.

– Allow reading in curve information that's not contained in the Axis representation, to allow for wireframe import.

– Map IfcOutletType and IfcProtectiveDeviceType to Electrical Fixtures and Specialty Equipment, respectively.

– Improved support for IFC2x and IFC2x2 files.

– Support proper scaling of mass density units.

Import Bug Fixes:

– Don't complain about missing IfcOwnerHistory for IFC4 files.

– Properly scale metric bounding boxes so that they are the correct size.

– Stop ignoring some IfcGroups (and IfcSystems) that weren't included in the structure as Revit previously expected.

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