buildingSMART International Summit in Tokyo in October 16-19 is open for registration


Autodesk, a Strategic Account Council Member of buildingSMART International and originally founder of the International Alliance for Interoperability is pleased to announce that the second International Summit of 2018 will be held in Tokyo on the 16 – 19 October.

Autodesk is deeply involved and commited to openBIM and IFC Standards ! More than 16 of their applications are able to open and export IFC and COBie format and are certified by buildingSMART International.


The content will include the development of open digital standards for improving the design, build and management of assets in the built environment.

As well as the technical creation activities, there will be a strong focus on those who use and receive the benefit of openBIM with regard to their assets.

The agenda will be structured around the buildingSMART domains; Building, Rail, Infrastructure, Product, Airport, Regulation and Construction.

Details of the Summit agenda and registration will follow later in the year. To allow professionals to plan their trip here are the details of the venues.

 All details of the summit are located here.

Registration is now open for this event.

Please study their agenda before clicking on the registration link.

Register Here

Early registration rates are available until 12 September 2018

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