ESTP looking for some internship positions for their students in international companies

ESTP Paris

Autodesk is supporting ESTP, one of the most prestigious French AEC Engineering Schools in France.

For the first time, their graduate students in the 2017 graduating class must have done 13 weeks of mobility abroad (vs 5 weeks ago) in order to graduate, which can take the form of a period of study or an internship.

A lot of their 3rd year engineering students who have not yet completed this mobility are looking for their final internship (called “TFE”) abroad to validate this obligation.

ESTP call on you to help theur students in their research by reminding you that they are free to start their TFE internship from February 20, 2017, for a period of 5 to 6 months.

If you have such opportunities, ESTP would be so happy if you could post your offers on our website at the following link:

Your contact at ESTP is Laurence Olivo,

ESTP official web site:


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